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Fast moving companies requiered fast moving workflow

  • 5flow Ecosystem From our workflow experience we have been designing some best practices to help start a new workflow
  • Process exception management Instead of being blocked by a strict design, with 5flow, you can keep control of the flow even if some instances have to be treated as an exception.
  • Useful tool set embedded

5flow promises

5flow began in 2007 with a vision « make workflow simpler »... Since then we have used cloud computing to offer a cloud way wich means that everythings is online – no software, no hardware, no expensive setup costs, no maintenance, and accessible from any device with an internet connection.

We help our customer to modeled their proceesses and convert them into efficient workflow


5flow can be used through VPN, hosted on dedicated cloud or even in your private cloud in your datacenter.

Multi Device

Use 5flow on all your devices PCs, smartphones, tablets.


5flow provide connectors (Web Service, FTP, Email ou SMS) to allow integration with your information systeme.


VPN, dedicated Cloud, Private Cloud, SSL...

5flow pictures

Planning, Maps and Geolocalisation, @email, SMS, Mobility, Connectors, Document management... 5flow have his own integrated composants.

Our prototyping model will allow you to seem hour by hour you workflow from the first prototype to the first up and running workflow.

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